Invest in Profitable Property with Real Estate Investment Loan

Investing in real estate can be profitable if right investment is made. Along with this fact, it is also true that it involves huge investment which might not be possible for a person to arrange whole amount of his own. Definitely, he may need some financial assistance which is provided by the financial market by means of real estate investment loan.

Real estate investment loan is generally taken to invest in the commercial property. So, while availing loan the person must make sure that the property in which he will be investing is worth.

In order to avail competitive rates in real estate investment loan, it is compulsory that the lender must get satisfaction in regard that property is sound income generating property. Such income generating property gives the lender, an assurance that timely repayment will be made.

Real estate investment loan is secured loan in which the property itself (in which investment is to be made) acts as collateral against the loan amount. In this deal, the paper of the property remains with the lender till all the repayments of loan are made. So, the person must be careful while making repayment because if he fails then the lender can seize the very property in order to realize his payment.

The amount which can be borrowed in real estate investment loan depends on the value of the property. Other than the value of property, there is another factor also which affects the decision of the lender in regard to the approval of the loan amount that is good source and flow of income. In other words, the people with good income are always offered with competitive rates and also they can avail larger amount of funds. Commonly, real estate investment loan ranges from ₤100000 to ₤3000000. And, they are repaid between 10 to 30 years basically; it depends on the amount being borrowed.

As said they are secured loans, thus carries very competitive rates. Here, risk of the lender is also almost negligible as it is secured against the property itself, so, the lender doesn’t think on the matter, to provide a loan to one who has bad credit score.

Many lenders are present in the physical market who offers real estate investment loan on competitive rates. Other than lenders in the physical market, there are various websites and online lenders who offer such loan.

Before entering in the agreement of real estate investment loan, it is obligatory to under go each and every term of the loan in order to avoid an undesired situation. And, lastly in order to avail competitive rates in real estate investment loan, comparison and research is obligatory.

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What Is Insurance?

As we know one way of risk prevention is to insure a risk to the insurance company. This method is considered the most important method in tackling risk. Therefore many people think that risk management is the same as insurance. Though the actual circumstances are not so.

Insurance means the insurance transaction, which involves two parties, the insured and the insurer. Where the insurer guarantees the insured person, that he will be reimbursed for a loss which he may suffer, as a result of an event that would not necessarily occur or which could not be determined when or when it occurred. As the insured in the obligation to pay some money to the insurer, the amount of proportion of the sum insured, commonly called “premium”.

Viewed from several angles, the insurance has a variety of goals and techniques of splitting, among others:

A. From an economic perspective, then:

The goal:

Reducing the uncertainty of the results of operations undertaken by a person or company in order to meet the needs or achieve goals.


By transferring the risk to the other party and the other party combining a considerable amount of risk, so it can be estimated with more precise the magnitude of the possibility of loss.

B. In terms of Law, then:

The goal:

Transferring the risks faced by an object or a business activity to another party.


Through premium payments by the insured to the insurer in the indemnity contract (insurance policy), then the risk of transferring to the insurer.

C. In terms of Trade, then:

The goal:

Share the risks faced to all participants of the insurance program.


Transferred risk from individuals / companies to financial institutions engaged in risk management (insurance companies), which will share the risk to all participants of the insurance it handles.

D. From a societal standpoint, then:

The goal:

Bear losses jointly among all participants of the insurance program.


All group members (group members) of the insurance program contribute (in the form of premiums) to sympathize losses suffered by a / some of its members.

E. In terms of Mathematics, then:

The goal:

Predict the magnitude of the possibility of risk and the outcome of the forecast is used to divide the risk to all participants (group of participants) insurance program.


Calculates the probability based on probability theory (“Probability Theory”), performed by the actuary as well as by the underwriter.

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Finance Education For Everyone

The Situation

Lately when I read the news or when I read on people doing great accomplishments in their lives they’re like this: “A family was able to pay a 500k debt in 5 years”, WOW! That’s a huge accomplishment, isn’t it? You should read on what they had to go through to get there though, they are heroes.

On an online community I read on a woman who’s teaching her 12 years old daughter to manage her money, with her own example on what she SHOULD NOT DO, since she is suffering debt longer than a decade. Being a woman in her thirties, this mother had to learn the hard way, she got savvy and her daughter might run with better luck than hers hopefully.

The government’s role on this issue.

Then my questions is, shouldn’t be financial education a mandatory course in high school?, however it’s a subject that doesn’t even exist in the regular program anywhere, and I am not talking just on the US education, I am talking on the education anywhere in this world. I’ve been in debt myself; this is why I can relate with, how much, 90 % of the population maybe? Yet I feel lucky, my debt weren’t too bad, just almost a ten thousand, Yeah, No bad eh?

Well now the situation needs to be faced and take the bull by its horns, we’re already victims of a bad system, which doesn’t care much to really educate us on important issues like this, but on top of that a system which actually will make it worst. We need to work on a settled problem that we all share, however not because of that it feels better.

NO time to fall into depression, there must be options, we need a community that supports us and is there to encourage each other and help and teach by example, getting support from the government with financial advocates maybe?, like those lawyers paid by them. It should be our human rights actually, against modern slavery. For now this would be just a dream; likely people won’t even dare to dream with that.

Some Options

In the mean time, what can we do? There is a huge change going on in our times, we all know about it but no sure if we are all enough aware of it.

The digital world brings more options for most people, other ways to do things, globally, and the best is that it works 24/7/365, without you having to be there all the time, which means time for family and your favourite activities. Up until now that would’ve been almost unthinkable, now this digital world brought us this option, or at least it has that potential.

There is another option, tones of MLM as well if you what to try, they say it’s the best secret kept for over a century, and now many companies are using that system, from cosmetics products to City Group, among many like pills and powders for losing weight or in the beauty industry as well. Robert Kiyosaki, “Poor Dad, Rich Dad” author tell us that it works, and it’ll give you the chance to have a residual income for a life time from work done just once. However you need to find out the product you’d be working with, get to understand and know thoroughly the system they work with to pay their members, etc. A lot to consider before getting into those it’s my best advice.

So we can choose to take advantage of one of these options to work with, “It’s not about working hard but working smart”, it’d be the best quotation for this issue.

However there is just one that I know which combines both, education for financial issues, and residual income, saving you the annoying part of every mlm, and so low profits actually. In the long run mlm seems has drained a lot of energy and spent time from people.

You can choose to work with well acknowledged professionals in the finances field and the internet business, Google them, do your research. For me that I am not a sells person at all, I look for options where I can have other 9 to 11 income streams. What is most important, at least for people like me, you don’t have to sell anything to friends and family if you don’t want to, no need to stress them nor you out. Moreover, other people who are professionals do the “hard part for you”. You can leverage your own biz by applying this knowledge to run it in the digital world as well, or you just join the biz they have for you. You end up learning A LOT without debts, and with a huge income. Ask me whenever you want to know on this.

Work in a way that you don’t become a slave, having to choose between time or money; Yes, it’s possible, give yourself and family quality of life. Make your dreams come true! Happy Holidays!!

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Have You Found Your True Passion In Business?

Passion in business is something that I have found to be an absolute secret weapon when being able to effectively communicate my intention and my vision to a potential business partner. You see the reason is that most people walk around all day long throughout their life without any passion, without any real desire, and without any vision to latch on to.

Why Are You Here?

Ask yourself this; what type of passion do you bring to your business? Is it one which will keep you up at night working on your vision. Is it one that you’re willing to sacrifice a couple of hours of television in order to see come to fruition? Is it one that you are going to be able to bypass a couple of times eating out per month so that you can take those funds and use them towards a marketing budget?

Is it a passion so great that you know right now why you’re actually even in the business because if you don’t than half the battle is lost before it has ever begun.

In network marketing one of the biggest advantages that you can have as an entrepreneur is being 100% real yourself.

When people see you do they understand and get a feel your passion? Is there in all consuming and overwhelming passion in business that works 24 hrs a day for you? Or do they see someone who is just tired of the day to day grind that is in direct opposite -to-day grind of trying to build up a network marketing team.

How To Develop Passion in Business

One of the key ways to develop your passion in business is to take a look at what you currently have and realize just how grateful you truly are for possess it.

Take a look at your business and ask yourself what was it exactly that had initially drew you to that company. If you can train yourself to see your business the way someone is going to see it for the first time that what you have is a recipe for success.

Take a look at the products that you represent are they something that you can be proud of or are you constantly preaching about how a product centric isn’t the right thing to do. That it’s all about the money.

Am I saying that you have to become a product superhero? No as benefits are not what I am saying is that there should be something about your business that really rocks your world. That when you think of it brings a smile to your face and makes the next step we take that much lighter.

Passion In Business.. The Attractor Factor

if you want to be a champion recruiter, a champion business builder, you must first become a champion at showing your passion in business.

People have to know that when you speak your vision it is something that is backed by 100% passion, dedication, discipline, and above all else an unyielding overwhelming desire to succeed.

If they see that in you then it reassures them that you are the leader that they have been looking for. And whether we like or not quite frankly most people live quiet lives of despair.

By you being that leader that speaks a vision into their lives, that holds them accountable for their dreams, hopes, and ambitions it allows you to connect with them in a way that most others can’t.

They see your passion in business through the consistency by which you go about building it. They see your passion and business by what to say but even more so by what you do. They see your passion in business by who you are as a leader and who you are becoming.

The bottom line here is that if you want to grow bigger team, recruit on demand, and become a top marketer within your company then you need to develop a passion in business that shines like the North Star in a clear moonless night for the world to experience.

Do this and you will NEVER have a recruiting problem in your online business.


If you have enjoyed and gained value from this article please” comment, like, & share” it for me. It is certainly appreciated!

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