Finance Education For Everyone

The Situation

Lately when I read the news or when I read on people doing great accomplishments in their lives they’re like this: “A family was able to pay a 500k debt in 5 years”, WOW! That’s a huge accomplishment, isn’t it? You should read on what they had to go through to get there though, they are heroes.

On an online community I read on a woman who’s teaching her 12 years old daughter to manage her money, with her own example on what she SHOULD NOT DO, since she is suffering debt longer than a decade. Being a woman in her thirties, this mother had to learn the hard way, she got savvy and her daughter might run with better luck than hers hopefully.

The government’s role on this issue.

Then my questions is, shouldn’t be financial education a mandatory course in high school?, however it’s a subject that doesn’t even exist in the regular program anywhere, and I am not talking just on the US education, I am talking on the education anywhere in this world. I’ve been in debt myself; this is why I can relate with, how much, 90 % of the population maybe? Yet I feel lucky, my debt weren’t too bad, just almost a ten thousand, Yeah, No bad eh?

Well now the situation needs to be faced and take the bull by its horns, we’re already victims of a bad system, which doesn’t care much to really educate us on important issues like this, but on top of that a system which actually will make it worst. We need to work on a settled problem that we all share, however not because of that it feels better.

NO time to fall into depression, there must be options, we need a community that supports us and is there to encourage each other and help and teach by example, getting support from the government with financial advocates maybe?, like those lawyers paid by them. It should be our human rights actually, against modern slavery. For now this would be just a dream; likely people won’t even dare to dream with that.

Some Options

In the mean time, what can we do? There is a huge change going on in our times, we all know about it but no sure if we are all enough aware of it.

The digital world brings more options for most people, other ways to do things, globally, and the best is that it works 24/7/365, without you having to be there all the time, which means time for family and your favourite activities. Up until now that would’ve been almost unthinkable, now this digital world brought us this option, or at least it has that potential.

There is another option, tones of MLM as well if you what to try, they say it’s the best secret kept for over a century, and now many companies are using that system, from cosmetics products to City Group, among many like pills and powders for losing weight or in the beauty industry as well. Robert Kiyosaki, “Poor Dad, Rich Dad” author tell us that it works, and it’ll give you the chance to have a residual income for a life time from work done just once. However you need to find out the product you’d be working with, get to understand and know thoroughly the system they work with to pay their members, etc. A lot to consider before getting into those it’s my best advice.

So we can choose to take advantage of one of these options to work with, “It’s not about working hard but working smart”, it’d be the best quotation for this issue.

However there is just one that I know which combines both, education for financial issues, and residual income, saving you the annoying part of every mlm, and so low profits actually. In the long run mlm seems has drained a lot of energy and spent time from people.

You can choose to work with well acknowledged professionals in the finances field and the internet business, Google them, do your research. For me that I am not a sells person at all, I look for options where I can have other 9 to 11 income streams. What is most important, at least for people like me, you don’t have to sell anything to friends and family if you don’t want to, no need to stress them nor you out. Moreover, other people who are professionals do the “hard part for you”. You can leverage your own biz by applying this knowledge to run it in the digital world as well, or you just join the biz they have for you. You end up learning A LOT without debts, and with a huge income. Ask me whenever you want to know on this.

Work in a way that you don’t become a slave, having to choose between time or money; Yes, it’s possible, give yourself and family quality of life. Make your dreams come true! Happy Holidays!!

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