Good Qualities of a Real Estate Agent

All real estate agents have different qualities, however there are a few common traits that are considered a positive for anybody who is heading into the property market. These qualities will help you to buy or sell your home much more quickly while also ensuring that you get the best possible deal based on the market at the point in time that you make the transaction.

Thus, if you are looking to head into the property market try to find an estate agent that embodies the following qualities:

Hard Working

A work ethic goes a long way in the real estate business so you want to be sure that your agent is doing everything that they can with your goals in mind. They should be willing to carry out any research that needs to be done and make full use of their contacts and the marketing facilities at their disposal to get your property out there or find you something that you want to buy.

A good estate agent will provide you with regular updates relating to your potential transaction and will make the effort to keep you at the forefront of their minds. They will also be present for viewings and will leave as little of the work as possible in your hands. If your estate agent insists that you handle viewings on your own and do all of the legwork it may be time to find a new one.


As unfortunate as it may be, the real estate industry does have something of a reputation for hosting people who sell snake oil to their customers rather than look out for their best interests. This by no means describes every agent in the industry, however there are some bad apples who make it a lot harder to develop that all important trust than it really should be.

As such, you should look to hire an estate agent that is always honest with you about your property and the various facets the go into the transaction. Even the best estate agent doesn’t have all the answers and it is much more encouraging if you hear “I don’t know, but I’ll find out”, as opposed to a slew of marketing speak that is designed to take your focus off the topic.

An Engaging Personality

At the end of the day a real estate agent needs to be able to express themselves and draw your interest. If they can’t do that for you, what are the chances that they will be able to do it for anybody else?

Your estate agent must be engaging, personable and friendly, without coming across as false or dishonest. Some need to develop this over time, whereas others are simply naturally charming. However, to find success in the real estate industry they must be able to talk and talk well. Tis extends beyond basic conversation and also includes being able to talk about the business side of things without losing the client’s interest and ensuring they understand everything being said.

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